EO mini –
Sustainable Nano Mist Sanitizer for Everything

The all-purpose sanitizing spray key-chain, replaces all disposable products.

Nano Ultrasonic Atomizer

Our nano atomizing nozzle can convert EO water into a fine, stable mist through the power of ultra-high frequency sound wave.
The result is a fine shower of extremely small water particles, evenly covering any surface with just a fraction of liquid required by traditional air spray nozzle.

Micro Platinum Titanium Electrode

With new material and manufacturing techniques, we are able to shrink the electrode into the size of a coin while having unrivaled performance and lifespan. This enables us to create EO mini as a portable air purifier, with rechargeable battery and sterilizer storage included.

RHB Exclusive Perk
All WTP backers will receive a free Pouch + WTP Vouchers!